Realm of the Mad God (ROTMG) Hacked Clients Download

19 Feb

You need a hacked client for Realm of the Mad God? then check out, we provide a forum where any hack developer can upload their work and any user can download their hacks for free. No surveys, no payment … nothing. All you have to do is head over to and sign up to our forums, then download your hacks.

We are always looking for talented coders. So if you have what it takes and want to share your work with people that will show you gratitude and give you thanks for your hard wokg and a sense of reward, then post your work on our forums and become a HackerBot-dev.

Realm of the Mad God Hacked Clients


Realm of the Mad God Cheats

31 Dec

This is the best cheat for Realm of the mad god. A program that will aid you in cheating, called a hack, can be downloaded here. – The program enables you to activate a whole bunch of cheating options in the game itself to help you play. The program includes a god mode that gives you unlimited health.

Playing the game using this cheat program will be lots of fun and you will get rich very quickly.

Realm of the Mad God Muledump Download

31 Dec

Realm of the Mad God Muledump is an awesome program to display all your Items of your main character and all your mules and alts.

This makes managing, selling and trading items a lot easier.

rotmg muledump

Realm of the Mad god BOT announcement

31 Dec

We are happy to announce that we are developing a bot to use in Realm of the Mad God to farm Fame. The bot will work for fresh wizards and farm lowlands.

We will not try to do a god lands bot, since the process of dodging is just not within the capabilities of a bot. No script is able to farm pots from godlands. This requires a human being that can think ahead and be creative.

keep an eye on our rotmg hack page to get the bot as soon as its out.

Realm of the Mad God Hack 8.0.0

31 Dec

Our Hack has been updated to version 8. Godmode is still working and all the other options as well. Dupe didn’t need updating and is still included in our hack package.

To dowload click here: Realm of the Mad God Hack

We also want to thank all our dear members and users for all the support and wish you a happy new year. 🙂

How to dupe items in ROTMG

31 Dec

Duping items in ROTMG has been a great issue in the past. After it got patched only a very few hackers have been able to keep duplicating items and they have been supplying shops ever since.

The hackers are using hacked clients to duplicate items. The hacked client include the old loading screen that allows for easy duping.

The hacked client you need to dupe can be downloaded at this hacking site.

Realm of the Mad God Hack

31 Dec

The new Hack for Realm of the Mad God includes a working god mode and is the most awesome program I have ever used to cheat in ROTMG.

Playing any MMO using a god mode is lots of fun, especially if noone else is using the same hack. It lets you show off how awesome you are at the game and get the most awesome items and gear in the game.

The hack also includes a dupe client that lets you duplicate items and pots. Latest version is 8.0.0.

Click here to get the hack.